The Center for Tai Chi Studies   太极中心

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Deborah Fleishman
has been practicing tai chi and related internal arts since 1991, and teaches Chen, Yang, and Lu style tai chi, as well as several weapons forms. She has competed extensively in the U.S. and China. Sifu Debbie started her studies with Masters Richard and Iva Peck and currently studies with Master Jimmy K. Wong.

Deborah Fleishman is
dedicated to creating an 
atmosphere for learning, 
relaxation and good health.

Menu of services

Group tai chi class:       

Lu-72 move

Chen style

24-move Yang style

Group weapons

Tai chi sword

Tai chi staff

Tai chi fan

Tai chi cane

Tai Chi Push Hands

Private instruction available.

Classes for seniors are available throughout the Dallas area. 

Monthly tuition

$50 per style